Why is peace essential?

Photo Why is peace essential?

To live in harmony, such is the wish of each individual who is concerned about their security and well-being. The feeling that they are involved in a conflict prevents individuals and even the whole society to progress. Why is it essential to establish peace? Here are three reasons why it is important to keep peace.

Because it is a key factor in development

Whether it is at the level of a couple, a family, or at the level of the society or of the whole nation, peace is a key factor in development. Who can achieve development under a conflict? Neither war nor conflict had created progress within the society. If you wish to improve your current way of life and move ahead into something better, the first thing to do is to be harmonious with yourself and with the others.

This will enable you to pay all your attention to your life goals. In no way will an in-conflict countries be able to achieve economic, political or social development. As a result, the effort to maintain peace within the society is a favorable factor to the development of a nation.

Because it ensures the well-being of an individual

It will be absolutely impossible for you to please yourself or satisfy your needs unless you feel inner peace. Only those who have free spirit are able to admire the most enjoyable things in life. Having mind tranquility or a feeling of serenity means having the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. In fact, serenity brings about a pleasant feeling of development.

For this reason, such foundations as the Prem Rawat transmit messages of peace to millions of people in the world, to bring serenity in their lives. In fact, mind tranquility enhances good health especially for the body and for the spirit. If you want to contribute to the promotion of an individual's well-being, the most vital thing to do is to establish their peace within.

Because the military response to the problem is not sufficient

To easily understand the importance of peace in life, it is necessary to think about previous military interventions during conflicts or wars. In fact, they ended up causing further troubles to the in-conflict nation. It is true that the army's intervention enables the government to prevent imminent threats and to restore peace. However, it has never been proved to be the best measure to uproot the problem.

Most of the time, the military response makes the situations more complicated than before. As a result, Prem Rawat, who is the founder of a foundation named after him, maintains that it is more appropriate to promote peace through global peace education if we want to deal with conflicts. Thanks to the humanitarian initiatives that he carried out within the foundation, he can say that it is through peacekeeping, rather than war, that we can put an end to any problem.

To conclude, peace represents a feeling of serenity or tranquility within your soul; but it also represents a situation which is free from violence. In either context, harmony has a vital role to play. It is a key factor to the development of either an individual, a society, or a country. As a result, peace is a virtue and a state of spirit; it is a spirit of kindness and goodwill which can show you the way to success.