Why are the humanitarian actions at the heart of peace?

Why are the humanitarian actions at the heart of peace?

Humanitarian organizations are a must when it comes to putting an end to crises or solving conflicting situations. Initially, they were strictly supposed to provide supports and humanitarian aid in case of an emergency.

However, nowadays, they are deeply involved with peacekeeping initiatives. This is one of the most challenging duties that they carry out. Why is the humanitarian at the heart of peacekeeping initiatives? Discover our responses to the question in this article.

Because they empower people to get away from their life constraints

Basically, the global problems related to the society, the environment, health, and food are closely linked to lack of peace. For this reason, all those factors are interconnected in the programs of humanitarian organizations. In order to satisfy the basic needs of the population, humanitarian associations are involved with finding immediate ways to appease their tension.

Moreover, more and more people, especially those living in rural areas are faced with health and food-related problems. By resolving the daily problems of the population, most of the associations have been able to establish peace. Prem Rawat is known as the founder of a humanitarian organization which target food, environment and peace.

And thanks to the social donations that they have provided to the needy, and the global peace messages that he transmits, he has been honored the title of a peace ambassador four times.

Because they enable people to live in serenity

Peace is essential for the well-being of each individual. Everybody deserves to enjoy a peaceful life, whether they are children or adults, and whether they are from a wealthy family or from the most deprived ones. To bring a positive change in the world, humanitarians focus their efforts by undertaking peace-building initiatives. These may either take the form of forums or direct actions.

The aim is to enhance the feeling of serenity which largely contributes to individual, social, and global development. Through his organization, Prem Rawat is deeply involved in raising public awareness by transmitting messages of peace. Apart from that, he provides humanitarian aids to help millions of people in more than a hundred countries.

Being among the thousands of associations which work for humanity in the world, his organization sets a good example of how to restore peace through the initiatives taken.

Because they resolve political problems

Divergence in political views often ends up in conflict. Not only is it difficult to resolve a political conflict, but it also prevents groups of individuals from working together. Eventually, it creates an obstacle for any development.

Humanitarian organizations do their best in order to make peace reign. In fact, their impartiality make those organizations an efficient mediator between conflicting countries or groups. Therefore, they are generally the most respected institutions when it comes to intervening in conflict management.

In our current society where the use of power and force are highly valued, it has become primordial that peace be established. Throughout their peacekeeping initiatives, humanitarian organizations address to groups of individuals whatever political party they belong to. They provide material, financial and humanitarian aid to those who are deprived, and that effort contributes to global peace restoration.